Richards didn’t see Manchester United fail to win the league because of the lack of spears

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Former England defender Micah Richards believes Manchester United will not reach the Premier League title. England because of the lack of a world-class striker.

“Red Devils” moved closer to Arsenal with 5 points remaining from the victory in the last game ufabet. But still playing more than 2 games, but still being seen as having an opportunity after the “big guns” began to stumble, while Manchester City was still inconsistent.

However, Richards thinks it won’t come easily due to the lack of a world-class striker. “The only problem I see with Manchester United is the number nine position.

“Vout Weghorst is a good player. He connects the game well. But can he score enough goals to keep the team on course? Marcus Rashford did a great job. But will he be able to continue like this until the end of the season?

“While Arsenal are getting Gabriel Jesus back, Manchester City have Erling Haaland and world champion Julian Alvarez on the bench. reserve”

Almost nobody would have expected Erik ten Hag’s team to be in the title race this season and while they are not expected to do it, it is entirely possibly that they could be Premier League champions for the first time since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement.