These signs point spend time on social media

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In this digital age It is not strange that many People spend a lot of time online. Both used to find information Play social media Or watch movies, listen to various music But how do you know that we are starting to travel too much online. If you have these physical, emotional and social signals?

1. The body winks out.

  • Eye strain / dry eyes from using too much gaze at the screen
  • Headache / migraine due to too much focus on the screen Until the sensory muscles are tense 
  • Neck and back pain because of sitting in the same position for a long time
  • Finger lock from thumb operation. Or the wrist in a duplicate way too much
  • I can’t sleep from the blue light from the output screen. Will hinder the function of melatonin hormones

2. A tired mind

  • Lack of self-confidence Because they consume too much information or know about other people’s stories in the world of social media Until comparison was born Make yourself less confident
  • ADHD, research from Virginia University of America states that the use of smartphones is too much. It can cause symptoms similar to ADHD, that is, the inability to focus on anything for a long time. Until the lack of concentration in work สมัคร ufabet

3. There is a problem in socializing.

  • Low social skills It usually occurs in children or adolescents. They tend to avoid confrontation-style conversations. And will be more comfortable If communicated in the form of sending messages
  • Isolation Due to avoidance of socializing Makes you feel lonely and separated